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Founded in 1967, we are a well-established legal firm in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland. We are settled in Bellinzona, the capital of Canton Ticino, which is a relatively small but strategic place, as this city is located on the commercial axis between Milan and Zurich and it includes the main administrative bodies of the Canton, as well as the Federal Criminal Court for all the Swiss territory.

Our team is active in civil law, business law, public law and labour law. The firm includes a notary public practising corporate law, insurance law and real estate law, being able to build up business structures on the whole national Swiss territory.

Our clients are Swiss and foreign companies, public institutions and individuals, which we can assist in Italian, German, French and English.

Our motto is “Ubi jus ibiremediumest”. Where there is a right there is a remedy.



  • Mattia A. Ferrari: corporate law, business law, construction law and insurance law; notary public
  • Chiarella Rei-Ferrari: civil law, real estate, family and inheritance law, labour law.
  • Riccardo Viganò: civil law; construction law and labour law; insolvency and debt collection.

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