TEN has now members from 16 European Countries

This year at the annual reunion held in June 16 in Duisburg, Germany, TEN welcomed two new members and we are therefore proud to announce that our organization has now members from 16 European Countries.

Our first new member is Legal Ferrari Rei from Switzerland, Bellinzona – the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, Canton Ticino.

Mrs. Chiarella Rei-Ferrari, Partner lawyer, past President of the Bar in Ticino, participated at the General Meeting together with Miss. Agostina Rei and Mr. Riccardo Vigano.

Legal Ferrari Rei is a well-established Swiss legal firm which deals with all fields of law but with extensive experience in civil law, commercial law, international taxation law, family law etc.

Legal Ferrari Rei is also a notary firm and practices on the whole national Swiss territory.

Languages spoken at Legal Ferrari Rei are Italian, German, French, English and Swiss-German.

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