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Asianajotoimisto Tempo Oy

The history of our company dates back to year 1975. Our area of expertise covers especially companies & corporations and real estate and construction. We have a strong focus in the sectors of contracts, bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings and employment.

We also serve in the traditional fields of law as criminal law and family and inheritance law.

Our achievements are based on the professionality of our attorneys at law and lawyers. We are willing to serve our clients in all areas of law. Attorneys at law and lawyers of Tempo Attorneys at Law Ltd have broad connections in business activities in its hometown Tampere.


Janne Vuorilahti: Contracts and Tort Law, Corporate law, Insolvency Proceedings, Dispute Resolution, Litigation, Arbitration

Jarkko Lehtokannas: Contracts and Tort Law, Real Estate & Construction, Corporate Law, Employment, Family and Inheritance Law and Tax Planning related to it.

Tapio Pihlajas: Contracts and Tort Law, Real Estate & Construction, Dispute Resolution and Criminal Litigation

Aleksi Pakkanen: Contracts and Tort Law, Dispute Resolution and Criminal Litigation

Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju: Family and Inheritance Law, Contracts, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation

Pekka Warjus: Corporate Law, Contracts, Tax Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bankruptcy and Restructuring Proceedings, Environmental Law

Iiris Kukkonen: Employment, Real Estate & Construction, Contracts, Family and Inheritance Law

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Asianajotoimisto Tempo Oy

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