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The office of the law firm has been a family-run business since the end of the First World War. Several of the practice’s customer-relations stretch back to the beginnings of its business: some of the present clients of the law firm are descendents of its first clients. The present manager of the firm, DDr. Gerald Fürst, was added to the official list of lower Austrian lawyers in the bar association in 1993 and then entered the office of the family business.
The firm is therefore best at dealing with long term perspectives rather than day-to-day decisions. For example when it comes to property law (the main area of the firm) our staff offer advice to companies, which, when well lead and well advised, can exist for generations just as the company has. But the firm is just as effective in a legal area, which would traditionally rather be assigned to the competition of licensed notaries – inheritance law. It is precisely because the lawyers of the firm know the effects of legal cases over the decades that they always think beyond short-term advan-tages and see further.


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– short description of the member firm:

The mottos of the austrian law firm, which are ‘quality instead of quantity’, ‘class instead of mass’ and ‘less is more’, also mean that in this era of monumental stimulus-satiation and the exponential growth of information in the world (as in the legal sector) the legal task of the conglomeration of knowledge is being displaced by the methodical ability to select truly relevant knowledge and know the best way to deal with it.

The management has the firm intention of rounding off the centenary of our office in 2019 after it was founded in 1919 and furthermore continue to offer the services of the firm to its clients.

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