TEN - The European Network



TEN - The European Network

TEN is an international co-operation of commercially minded law firms in the countries of the E.U. The Group is registered as an European Economic Interest Grouping (E.E.I.G.) in 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands.

The principal aim of TEN is to provide the small and medium sized business with access to expert legal assistance in other E.U. member states. In addition, TEN offers a source of information on legal issues with an international aspect.

The service rendered by members of TEN is on the basis of mutually binding agreements between the members, and the requirements of legal practice in their respective countries. Strict standards with regard to quality , mutual responsibility and financial security are set out in TEN's internal regulations.

Clients are always concerned about the cost of pursuing a legal claim in a foreign country. Members of TEN give an informed estimate of the cost of a case at the outset, so that clients can decide whether to continue with the claim.

The members of TEN are well known to each other, and meet for open and friendly discussions at least once a year. This personal contact is reflected in the relationship between you and the foreign lawyer, so that expert legal advice is available in an open and personal atmosphere.