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TEN - The European Network of lawyers

TEN is a European co-operative network of national law firms.

Via TEN you are able to find Law Firms from 14 European Countries, ready and able to provide you with quality legal advice. Please advance to the Members section in order to find the TEN members and their legal expertise.
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TEN - Its Competencies

TEN means ...
- experienced lawyers
- not hierarchic structure
- uncomplicated
- personal contacts
- close to the client
- teamplayer

TEN Member Countries

TEN is actually built up of 16 law firms based in 16 European countries. We aim to gain one member in every European country and beyond. All law firms are specialized in commercial law on the same high level.

TEN Services

The TEN law firms provide all ranges of legal services to our clients, with an emphasis to commercial law, but also other law branches. Please access the Members section of the website for a detailed view of the competencies of every TEN member.

News & Articles

The 16th member of TEN – Grilc, Starc & Partners – Slovenia
The 16th member of TEN – European Network of Lawyers is Grilc, Starc & Partners, headquartered in Krsko, Slovenia, with a branch also in Lju […]
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TEN has now members from 16 European Countries
This year at the annual reunion held in June 16 in Duisburg, Germany, TEN welcomed two new members and we are therefore proud to announce that our org […]
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Insolvency proceedings in the Netherlands
Information about bankruptcies can be found in the Central Insolvency Register (http://insolventies.rechtspraak.nl/). If the bankrupt is a company, ba […]
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