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TEN - The European Network of lawyers

TEN is a European co-operative network of national law firms.

Via TEN you are able to find Law Firms from 13 European Countries, ready and able to provide you with quality legal advice. Please advance to the Members section in order to find the TEN members and their legal expertise.
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TEN - Its Competencies

TEN means ...
- experienced lawyers
- not hierarchic structure
- uncomplicated
- personal contacts
- close to the client
- teamplayer

TEN Member Countries

TEN is actually built up of 13 law firms based in 12 European countries. We aim to gain one member in every European country and beyond. All law firms are specialized in commercial law on the same high level.

TEN Services

The TEN law firms provide all ranges of legal services to our clients, with an emphasis to commercial law, but also other law branches. Please access the Members section of the website for a detailed view of the competencies of every TEN member.

News & Articles

Not required the proof of the damage for the purpose of copyright violation in Italy
According to a recent sentence of the Italian Court of Cassation n. 14060/2015, for the purpose of copyright infringement, the holder of the copyright […]
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8 fundamental advices for a secure e­commerce
Nowadays we buy everything on the Internet…from mobile phones and from clothing up to flights and to hotels reservations. E­commerce is consid […]
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ADR – Alternative dispute resolutions in Netherlands
The Netherlands have a Rhineland culture. From a legal perspective it means that in general disputes are very often handled by alternative dispute res […]
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